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10 x 10 – Part 2: Chamber Orchestra Sized Rep, late composers.

Anna’s 10 x 10 - Composers you should know series: Chamber Orchestra Sized Repertoire, late composers.

This month, due to the reduced number of musicians on our stages, colleagues have requested suggestions for smaller orchestra repertoire (specifically to be paired with Classical sized ensembles) by women and/or BIPOC composers. As I mentioned in my last article, there were so many outstanding choices in this area that I chose to offer two weeks: One list for living and one list for historical composers.

Before I begin, I would like to address why and who I choose for these 10 x 10 series. Currently, there are 122 composers on my database here that identify themselves as female, LGBTQ, or a composer of color. From this list, I have reached out to all living composers (to the best of my ability) and requested them to send me their top three compositions that would fit into a particular category. To date, I have requested holiday pieces (particularly December compositions), classical sized orchestra, concertos, music for spring, and pieces for string orchestra.

After I receive their submissions, I input that information on my database. I then proceed to listen to all of the music. Though I would love to have a more thorough list, I am not always able to get in touch with the many terrific composers out there. My primary interest is to offer 10 compositions that I find compelling from a diverse group of composers with respect to gender and race. Ultimately, my goal is to offer great examples that may interest Music and Artistic Directors ranging from the top tier ensembles to community orchestras.

Once I finalize my choices for these 10 composers, I put their names in alphabetical order and use a random selector app to present my final list. Although this list is numbered, it is not in any particular order.

This past week has brought hope (or at least light at the end of this pandemic tunnel) with the possibility of a vaccine. Though Covid-19 has been tough for us, my hope is that these lists will continue to encourage the expectation of diversity on the concert stage. Personally, it has been such a pleasure to learn about so many new composers.

I hope you enjoy,



Entries will follow the following format:

1. Composer Name (hyperlink to additional info about the composer)

  • Titles hyperlink to more information and recordings

    • Length

    • Orchestration

    • Link to rental information via publisher or composer



1. Louise Farrenc - 1804-1875 (These are ALL great works)

2. Florence Price - 1887-1953

3. Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-George - 1745 – 1799 (Again, all great!)

4. Ethel Smyth - 1858 - 1944

5. Silvestre Revueltas - 1899 – 1940

6. Marianna Martines - 1744-1812

7. Roque Cordero - 1917 – 2008

8. Mary Howe – 1882 - 1964

9. Germaine Tailleferre - 1892 - 1983

10. Melanie Bonis - 1858-1937


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