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10 x 10 – Wind Repertoire

Anna’s 10 x 10 - Composers you should know series: Symphonic Band Repertoire!

Wow! This has been a very enjoyable project. As a symphony conductor and previous violin/violist, I have not had the opportunity to be so immersed in the repertoire and traditions of wind band music until now. As a young musician growing up in Texas, I listened to many marching bands, since nearly every school seemed to have a football team and marching band to go with it. However, while practicing violin and immersing myself in symphonic and string repertoire, I unfortunately missed out on the vast oeuvre of Symphonic Band literature.

Also known as Concert Band music or Wind Ensemble Repertoire, these compositions provide a spectacular array of textures between the woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. The lush foundation of a large brass section (including the velvety characteristics of the baritone and euphonium), together with the large woodwind section (including a variety of saxophones for sonic texture), plus a large array of pitched and unpitched percussion instruments, provide a tremendous palette to blend and manipulate musical sounds.

As a reminder, this is my process for choosing music for the 10 x 10 series. Currently, I have 131 composers that identify themselves as either female or a composer of color on my database. I have reached out to all living composers who have offered their email addresses and send requests for these composers to send me their top compositions that would fit into certain categories. For example, so far I have solicited music that would fit into these categories: Holiday, chamber orchestra, concerti, string orchestra, and concert band music.

Once I receive the composer's music, I put all of their information on my database and then proceed to listen to all of the music. My intention is to present a diverse compilation of composers with respect to gender and race – though my primary interest is to offer compositions that I find compelling. My goal is to offer examples that may interest Music and Artistic Directors from top tier orchestras to community orchestras. My interest is being part of the mindful and proactive change towards diversity on the concert stage.

I hope you enjoy!


Entries will follow the following format:

  • Composer Name (hyperlink to additional info about the composer)

  • Titles (hyperlink to more information and recordings)

    • Length

    • Instrumentation will follow this format:

      • Fl(P).Ob(EH).Fg(cfg)Cl(Eb,alto,bcl).Sax(AATB) – Trpt.Hn.Trb.btrb.Bar/Euph.Tuba – Timp+perc, pf, hp, double bass

    • Link to rental information via publisher or composer


And one to grow on……


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