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10 x 10 - Concerti by living composers!

From Anna's 'Composers you should know' series: Concerto Repertoire by living composers of varied backgrounds.

Two weeks ago, I shared some terrific concertos by historical composers (non-piano) and talked about inclusive programming that includes people that represent our communities. This week, we jump to fabulous composers of today and additionally focus on fabulous instruments in our orchestras that may not always get the spotlight in concerto programming!

Entries will follow the following format:

Composer Name (hyperlink to additional info about the composer)

  • Title of Composition

  • Length

  • Instrumentation

  • Link to rental information via publisher or composer

It has been a treat to explore these works and get to know these unique voices. I hope you enjoy!


Viet Cuong

Holly Harrison

Chen Yi

Jennifer Higdon

Jimmy López

Maria Newman

Tan Dun

Miguel del Aguila

Thea Musgrave

Lauren Bernofsky


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