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10 x 10 – Chamber Orchestra Sized Rep!

Anna’s 10 x 10 - Composers you should know series: Chamber Orchestra Sized Repertoire!

This month, due to the reduced number of musicians allowed on our stages, colleagues have requested suggestions for smaller orchestra repertoire (specifically to be paired with Classical sized ensembles) by women and/or BIPOC composers. I am happy to say there are some outstanding choices in this area for orchestras at any level! There were so many that this week I will offer 10 suggestions for living composers and in the next 10 x 10, I will offer 10 suggestions for historical composers.

It is exciting to hear about the numerous orchestras who are making diversity a priority and it is thrilling to offer many fantastic compositions that work well with ensembles of all levels. I am warmed because the opportunities that we provide as Music and Artistic Directors make a difference in our communities.

My very best to each one of you as we navigate this tricky time.

I hope you enjoy,



Entries will follow the following format:

1. Composer Name (hyperlink to additional info about the composer)

  • Titles hyperlink to more information and recordings

    • Length

    • Orchestration

    • Link to rental information via publisher or composer



For a list of other terrific compositions by living composers for this sized ensemble, please click here.

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