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10 x 10 – (Historical) Composers you should know: String Orchestra Edition (part. 2)

Anna’s 10 x 10 - Composers you should know series: String Orchestra Repertoire, Historical Edition!

As I mentioned in part one, it has been a luxury having a couple of weeks to reflect over the past year. Though it has been a crisis for so many of us who have seen our entire professional life be put on hold, it has also been a time of reflection and introspection. For me, it has been a time to delve into passion projects and organize.

Last year gave me the opportunity to explore music of many musicians that were new to me and it was humbling to see the vast array of talent out there. As I listen to various composers, it is a thrill to hear such unique and individual voices. Some compositions resonate strongly with me and other compositions offer different perspectives of sound and timbre that make me want to hear more! Whether it is a beautiful melody, interesting crunchy chords, a new musical texture, or clear musical thumbprint that I find interesting, all of these compositions have been incredibly engaging. Even though it has been a chaotic and frustrating year, it has been a gift to get to know these outstanding composers and musicians.

My very best to each of you as we adventure into 2021. Though we are not quite to the point where we can gather “normally” in public, I hope these compositions give you some ideas that excite you for your next string only and socially distanced performances.

I hope you enjoy!



Entries will follow the following format:

1. Composer Name (hyperlink to additional info about the composer)

  • Titles (Title or 'mvt' hyperlink to more information and recordings)

    • Length

    • Link to rental information via publisher or composer



4. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875 – 1912)

For more information on these composers and other string compositions, please go to Anna’s composer database (link) and in the search engine, type “strings” in the Instrumentation or Notes search fields.

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