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John's Recommended Entrepreneurship Reading List

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Hamann, Donald. On Staff: A Practical Guide to Starting Your Career in a University Music Department. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013.



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Sharp, Erica. How to Get an Orchestra Job — and Keep It: A Practical Guide Book. Encinitas, Calif.: Encinitas Press, 1985. 


Ricker, Ramon. Lessons from a Street-wise Professor: What You Won’t Learn at Most Music Schools. Fairport, N.Y.: Soundown Inc., 2011.


Riley, Peter Jason. New Tax Guide for Writers, Artists, Performers and Other Creative People. Newburyport, Mass.: Focus Publishing, 2012.


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Uscher, Nancy. Your Own Way in Music. New York: St. Martin's, 1990.


Wittry, Diane. Beyond the Baton. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

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