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Michael Votta Jr.'s

Top 10 (actually 14) Chamber Recommendations

Berg                             Chamber Concerto                   

Dvorak                         Serenade, Op. 44*                

Enescu                         Dixtour

Francaix                       Hommage a l'ami Pappageno   

Hahn.                           Le Bal de Beatrice d'Este  

Milhaud                        Creation of the World*             

Mozart                          Serenade in Bb, K. 361*            

Mozart                          Serenade in Eb, K. 375           

Mozart                          Serenade in C Minor, K. 388

Schoenberg                   Chamber Symphony, Op. 9*

Strauss                          Suite, Op. 4                             

Strauss                          Serenade, Op. 7                       

Stravinsky                      Octet                                

Varese                           Octandre*

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